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Shaneeka Harmonson



I work full-time as a board certified Occupational Therapist. My next love is health and fitness. My journey actually started when I joined the Army National Guard back in 2003. I was actually overweight in high school. After completing basic training and AIT school I lost nearly 20lbs and it was the best I’d ever looked and felt. And so my fitness journey continued on for years but it wasn’t until I saw one of my former battle buddies compete in a bikini competition. It was then I began reaching out to coaches and I did my first show in the fall of 2018. I found success quickly and at my 5th  OCB show in the fall of 2019, I turned pro.  I then took my journey to the NPC stage, nationally qualifying at my NPC debut. And within a year I took home class victories at two large regional shows and then earned the prestigious IFBB Pro card at my 2nd ever national show. 


I have a strong passion for stage presence and I know just how vital it is to a winning package. I want to be able to instill that same confidence, in others, that I’ve found in myself since I started competing. I believe every girl has that “IT” factor and with hard work and dedication can achieve whatever goals they have in the competitive world. Let me help you along your journey today.

Appointments must be scheduled AT LEAST 48 hours in advance or risk automatic cancellation

Please contact Coach Shaneeka directly at

if you require an appointment within the next 48 hours

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